Wilton 11115 540A Series Carriage C-Clamp Kit

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• Frames made from high strength ductile iron castings
• Sliding pin (vise type) handle, single acme thread rolled spindle and oscillating ball and socket tip
• Wilton's heaviest-duty carriage clamp available
• Lifetime Warranty

• Opening Capacity: 2-1/2", 4", 6", 8"
• Spindle Diameter: 1/2", 5/8", 5/8", 3/4"
• Throat Depth: 1-3/4", 2-1/16", 2-3/4", 3-1/4"
• Clamping Force: 1110 lbs, 2150 lbs, 2450 lbs, 2750 lbs

540A Series Carriage C-Clamps are ideal for light industrial, woodworking and repair applications. They feature a black oxide coating, oscillating head, and sliding cross pin handle. This kit includes four of our most popular sizes - 540A Series C-Clamp 0 - 2-1/2" Opening Capacity, 540A Series C-Clamp 0 - 4" Opening Capacity, 540A Series C-Clamp 0 - 6" Opening Capacity and 540A Series C-Clamp 0 - 8" Opening Capacity.

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