Sumner 784590 Universal Center Punch

Sale price$525.81


• Adjustable arms accommodate 4" to any size steel pipe or tank
• Magnetic base
• Push button spring loaded striking hammer
• Removable digital gauge with magnetic base
• Alignment marks for centering
• Digital gauge can be used as angle finder

The Sumner Universal Center Punch has arms which are joined and adjust to pipe circumferences from as small as 4" diameter to whatever pipe or tank size you wish to work on. The Universal Center Punch has the same features found on Sumner's Center Punch with unlimited capacity. Magnetic arms attach to the steel surface to assure accurate location when using the punch's spring loaded striking hammer. The center punch comes with a detachable digital gauge with a magnetic base for additional leveling applications. The gauge can be zeroed out and used as an angle finder during fabrication.

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