Proto JLANHATRD Hard Hat Lanyard

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• The Proto® hard hat lanyard is a great way to prevent your hard hat from becoming a dropped object. It can be used with almost any hard hat, and is a comfortable alternative to the traditional “chin strap."
• While keeping your helmet secure, the patented lanyard, attaches to an outer garment never impeding on the comfort or use of the hard hat.
• All Proto® Hard Hat lanyards feature an “easy release" where you may disengage the side release buckle, leaving one piece secured to the hard hat, and the other still attached to an outer garment. When ready to use the hard hat again, simply reengage the side release buckle.
• Hard Hat not included.

Proto's line of industrial tethered tools is the next generation of tool safety technology . The SkyHook™ Tether and Transfer system provides secure tool transfers, a free range of motion and positive tool control at the worksite.

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