Maxilla 93909 24-inch Folding Bolt Cutter

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• 24 inch bolt cutters

• Ideal for Bolt Sizes 3/8” or less
• Drop-forged CRMO steel jaws conquer the toughest jobs
• Black-oxide finish adds superior rust resistance
• Locking mechanism for compact storage and easy carrying
• Wide, ergonomic handles provide powerful, non-slip grip

MAXILLA bolt cutters fold to nearly half their working size with jaws manufactured from CR-MO steel for the longest-lasting blade life, maximum strength and wear resistance. MAXILLA bolt cutters can cut metals up to 42 RC hardness and are ideal for cutting rod, wire mesh, concrete form ties and rebar, and bolts. With a patented folding design, locking levers keep the arms in an open or closed position. Wide, ergonomic handles allow greater mechanical advantage and a rugged grip for more confident, controlled cutting. MAXILLA bolt cutters are offered in 18”, 24” or 36” sizes to tackle any job. The cutting head, finished in black-oxide for enhanced rust resistance, incorporates a quick and simple way to maintain precise blade alignment throughout the life of the tool.

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