Klein HVNCVT-1 Dual-Range High Voltage Non-Contact Tester

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• Use to check for the presence of voltage in overhead conductors or find faults in cables.
• LOW range for 50V AC to 1.5kV AC.
• HIGH range for 1.5kV AC to 132kV AC.
• Audible and visual signals indicate the presence of voltage.
• Water resistant.
• Includes durable carrying case.
• Always wear approved eye protection.

• Special Features: Indicates the Presence of Voltage with Both Audible and Visual Signals
• Range: Low 50V AC to 1.5kV AC; High 1.5kV AC to 132kV AC
• Type: Dual-Range
• Application: Check for the Presence of Voltage in Overhead Conductors or Finds Faults In Cables
• Includes: Carrying Case
• Weight: 2.75 lbs.

The Dual-Range Non-Contact Tester checks for the presence of voltage in overhead conductors or finds faults in c

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