Klein D333-8 Conduit Locknut and Reaming Pliers

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Klein D333-8 Specifications:
•  Handle Color: yellow
•  Handle Finish : plastic-dipped
•  Jaw Length : 1-5/8"
•  Jaw Thickness : 1/2"
•  Jaw Width : 15/16"
•  Overall Length : 7-3/4"
•  Point Thickness : 3/16"

Klein D333-8 Features:
•  Tightens 1/2" and 3/4" EMT or 1/2" rigid locknuts.
•  Fits liquid tight fittings and caps.
•  Reams and smoothes both inside and outside of conduit.
•  Knurled jaws at nose tip pull wire or fish tape.
•  Machined nose fits snugly into locknut wings.

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