Klein 63050-EINS Electricians Cable Cutter Insulated

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• 1000 V Rated for safety on the job. VDE Certified
• Cuts up to 4/0 aluminum (not ACSR), 2/0 soft copper, 100-pair 24 AWG communication cable
• Unique three-part insulation with white underlayer provides warning sign that insulation may be compromised
• Multi-color, sleek design with small thumbguards for ease of handling and storage
• Perfect for working in confined spaces
• Precision, one-hand shearing action
• DO NOT use to cut ACSR or steel
• Durable, molded insulation meets or exceeds ASTM F1505 and IEC 60900 standards for insulated tools
• Whenever possible, always de-energize lines and equipment prior to working on or around them. Klein insulated tools are designed only to reduce the chance of injury where the tool may make contact with an energized source.
• Only use tools that are

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