Klein 5541610-14 Tradesman Pro 10" Electrician's Tool Tote

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• Removed bottom compartment and added a molded bottom for better stability, durability and protection from the elements.
• Deeper pockets to fit tools better.
• Added larger zipper pocket to secure small parts and tools.
• Added double stitching to seams on all four sides and high wear areas.
• Increased padding on shoulder straps.
• 40 Pockets to give you maximum tool storage capacity

How do you make great tool bags even better? You ask the people who have been using them! That’s exactly what Klein Tools has done with its original Tradesman Pro™ Organizer bags. We surveyed more than 4,000 tradespeople who have these bags and asked what they did and did not like. Then we made improvements based on their responses. All of these bags still feature the trademarks of the Tradesman Pro™ line; a bright orange interior to find tools faster, plenty of pockets for storage, and durable

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