Klein 5171PS Heavy-Duty Tapered-Wall Bucket

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Klein 5171PS Specifications:
•  Bottom Diameter: 9"
•  Top Diameter: 12"
•  Depth/Heigh: 12"
•  Extra features: swivel snap (no. 2012)
•  Outside pockets: 4

Klein 5171PS Features:
•  Riveted leather glove strap.
•  Tapered-wall buckets
•  Tough No. 4 canvas.
•  Equipped with Cat. No. 2012 swivel snap hook.
•  Black molded polypropylene bottom.
•  Rope handle.

Common Features:
•  Polypropylene-rope handle reinforced with leather for water resistance and strength.
•  Durable, straight-wall and tapered-wall buckets are made of heavy-duty canvas.
•  High-density polyethylene top ring for strength and chemical resistance.
•  The No. canvas refers to the canvas weight. No. 1 being the thickest and No. 8 being the thinnest.

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