Klein 31737 Folding Jab Saw

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• (1) Jab Saw

• This durable, carbon steel blade is as sturdy as fixed blade jab saws
• Faster cutting blade with its triple ground teeth and ability to cut in both directions
• Lockback mechanism secures the blade open at 125-degree and fully open at 180-degree
• Folded saw keeps the blade from piercing through tool pouches and bags
• Cushioned handle-end for easier palming of the saw
• Comfortable, non-slip grip handle

• Blade Length: 5.2" (132.1 mm)
• Weight: 0.54 lb (0.25 kg)
• Application: Penetration Cuts and Hole Making
• Material: Plastic Handle with Rubber Grips
• Type: Folding Jab Saw
• Blade Material: Hardened Carbon Steel

Carrying a jab saw can rip or tear your tool bag. With Klein Tools Folding Jab Saw, there’s no need for taped-up, homemade sheaths or big holes in your tool pouch. The fast cutting carbon steel blade is as sturdy as a fixed blade saw, but folds smartly into the comfort-grip handle. The lockback mechanism secures the blade at a full 180-degrees and also at a 125-degrees for those hard to reach spots.

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