Klein 1016 TripSaver Electrical/Maintenance Tool

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Klein 1016 Specifications:
• Overall Length: 5-3/4"

Klein 1016 Features:
• Unique multi-tool addresses the special needs of electricians and maintenance professionals while providing many other features handy on any job.
• Compact, lightweight and very sturdy.
• Produced from high-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel.
• Specially designed locking "L" handle snaps securely into the "L" channel, locking the fully opened blade or implement in place during use.
• Features the following: Needle-Nose Pliers, Beveled Wire Cutter, Toothed Pipe Grippers, Files (coarse and fine), 5-Slot Wire Stripper (10-18) AWG, Wire-Looping Hole, Scraper, Awl/Reamer, Serrated Sheepsfoot Knife, Clip-Point Knife, Standard/Metric Ruler , Drywall Saw, Locking "L" Handle, #1 and #2 Phillips Hex Bits, Small-Slotted Hex Bit, Large-Slotted Hex Bit, 1/4" Socket Adapter, Lanyard Hole, Nylon Pouch.

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