EstWing E3-16BP 16 oz Solid Steel Ballpeen Hammer with Blue Vinyl Shock Reduction Grip

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• 1 Piece forged head and handle
• Head is double tempered for added strength
• Concentrically ground polished face, bevel and peen
• Nylon-vinyl grip is both bonded and molded
• Grip offers up to 70% shock reduction
• Made in USA
• Claw Type : N/A

• Approximate Length: 13"
• Grip: Nylon Vinyl

The 16 oz. Ball Peen Hammer has a bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grip that reduces shock up to 70% and will not come off. Estwing hammers are the only hammers that can make this claim. The head and handle are forged in one piece and have an attractive blue UV coating, with a fully polished face and peen. This tool has unsurpassed balance and temper. Ball peen hammers of the proper size are designed for striking chisels and punches and for riveting, shaping and straightening unhardened metal. Made in the USA. Protect your eyes from flying particles and dust. Always wear safety goggles. Bystanders shall also wear safety goggles.

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